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Apparently, the Queen has visited more than 120 countries. That’s a lot of countries and a lot of stamps in her passport. Does she even have a passport?

Well, believe it or not, even for those developed countries that more often than not don’t need visas to get into other countries, there are countries where it’s almost impossible to get into.

Do you want to visit Syria as a tourist? Well, since it’s an ongoing war zone, you can imagine that the country doesn’t really get any tourists. Although you’ll probably be allowed to enter the country eventually, it’s going to take some convincing.

While Chandler in Friends might have been able to get transferred to Yemen (can you hear Janice’s laugh?), it’s not so easy to get into the country. Again, the ongoing war might be the warning signs you’re looking for.

Thinking of visiting North Korea as a tourist? Oh, get ready for this long checklist. First of all, you’ll have to book your flights through a travel agency that works closely with North Korea tourism authority. You’re not allowed to travel without a local guide by your side at all times. Even if you’re not part of a tour group, you still need a local guide. The US has recently placed a ban on all its people to keep them from travelling to North Korea.

It seems as if the world’s most secretive country really has something to hide after all.

Watch The Infographics Show video below for more on countries that are impossible to get into.

Image credit: Chasing Threads

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