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Ever since Nikolai was just a small puppy, he loved carrying things around in his mouth. Whenever he is not carrying one of his toys around, he uses his love to help out his mom my carrying around things she needs. By doing this, he feels safe and useful, and he looks pretty darn cute doing it. 

Allie Rudman, sweet Nikolai’s mom, said, “When he was about 10 weeks old, [he] started bringing items to me he realised I wanted or needed to leave with. It started with my shoes and the car keys and morphed into other items from there.” And now, the little pup can’t go on his daily walks without carrying something. And the items he choses ranges from normal stuffed animals to some completely random and hilarious items he can find.  

“It’s different most of the times. He took my fry backpack the other day, and today he took a box of Cheerios. The box was empty and I had set it next to the trash to take out later, and he decided that’s his friend for the walk.”

Little Nikolai usually picks his toy of choice for his walks when his mother notifies him that they are going on a walk. However, one day when Rudman got home from Target with a whole bunch of thing, including a loaf of bread which apparently is the pup’s favourite. When she asked Nikolai if he wanted to go for a walk, the over excited pup immediately ran into the kitchen and came out carrying the load of bread. 

“He was standing by the door, so I let him take it. I assume he wanted to bring it because it’s his favourite treat! He did indeed carry it for the entire walk and didn’t even drop it to go potty — I was laughing the entire way.”

Watch the cute video of Nikolai taking his walk with his favourite loaf of bread here on TikTok: 


From all the different and funny thing he has chosen to take on his walks, this is by far the best one yet. While he was strolling the neighbourhood with the bread swinging from his mouth, people  who spotted him couldn’t help but laugh.

“A group of little kids playing outside saw him walking with the bread and all pointed and laughed at him and thought it was the greatest thing.”

Lately, adorable Nikolai seems to have chosen his favourite theme of items to carry around. He has since gone on walks carrying mini bagels, rice cakes, and other baked goods. For Rudman, the walks with Nikolai hold a lot of excitement and fun surprises which she loves more than anything. 

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