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The adorable 12-year-old corgi named Jojo, worked as a therapy dog in hospitals. Over the years Jojo even learned how to surf, and discovered a new hobby with his mom. Jojo has definitely lived an incredibly full life. 

Over the years Jojo and his mom accumulated a collection of corgi-themed items. At one point their collection grew bigger than expected that they needed a new separate area to place all of Jojo’s belongings as well as her ever-growing collection of corgi paraphernalia. That was the moment when Jojo’s mom decided to give Jojo his very own bedroom.

Even though the room is a constant work in progress awaiting new corgi items, it’s still very fascinating. But not only Jojo enjoy his new room filled with interesting items of pups just like him, but he seems to be sharing that with his brother, Kilo, who are also very in love with it. 

“Everyone says it’s a museum of corgis or a corgi cafe,” Josephine Zosa, Jojo’s mom, said. “They want to stay there forever.”

Jojo more than willingly shares his new cool room with his beloved brother Kilo. It is like living in Corgi heaven. The space is completely stocked with everything the two pups could ever need. It has a bed, a TV, a doggy treadmill, a closet full of clothes, tons of paintings and decorations and so much more. 

The two love it so much that they spend most of their time playing in their room. It’s clear to say that they both adore having a space that’s all their own.

“They spend about six hours in there when I’m working in the other room that’s across from them. I would just see them chilling. They sleep there at night — first Jojo would sleep in my bed by my side, then when he thinks I’m fully asleep, he goes to his room and sleeps there.”

Despite them loving their room, this is also the perfect excuse for Zosa to continue buying corgi-themed things to decorate it with. Who knows, one day as new items has been brought to the collection, maybe each corgi will have a room of his own.

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