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Since sweet Scooby was taken in by his family when he was just a puppy 15 years ago, he has only brought them joy. Scooby’s family found him one day wandering out go their garage when they returned home. After scanning him for a microchip and finding nothing, they decided to take him in and make him a member of their family.

From the first moment Scooby has been obsessed with everyone in his family and he has made it quite clear every single day.  “He is loyal,” Brian Peter, Scooby’s dad said and added, “We spend a lot of time outside, and he is always by our side shadowing us no matter what we are doing."

Peter and his family including his parents, live on a property that originally belonged to his great-grandparents. Making them very close to each other. In order to make sure Scooby spends enough time with his grandparents and his parents, he travels back and forth the two houses almost every day.

And what’s more surprising is that sweet Scooby has made his own unique path. Literally. Sweet Scooby runs the exact same path way every day and has eventually left a permanent path in the open piece of grass.

“I first started to notice it in the summer of 2020 after cutting grass one day. Since then, it slowly started to become a small trench. I thought it was funny. I knew he was a creature of habit.”

The path is a clear indication of just how much Scooby loves spending time with his family. “Since my parents are retired, and spend about 85 percent of their waking hours on their back porch, he spends a lot of time there. Scooby has his own recliner on their back porch. So, he is there pretty much all day while my wife and I are at work and the kids are at school.

"He will come back to our house when we get home … He doesn't have a set schedule of any kind that I've noticed. I would say he goes back and forth on his path several times a day. He likes to patrol around the property.”

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