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It is said that sweet pup Marshall is a pro at howling, and he clearly knows it as he loves to show it off. One day his little sister, Lily Bell, joined the 2-year-old Great Pyrenees during one of his howling sessions. Lily was the perfect student for Marshall to teach.

The 3 months old Lily has learned so much of being a dog from her big brother and it is clear that the dachshund-mix looks up to Marshall. When she recently saw her big brother howling in the backyard, she immediately followed suit.

Michael Lohman, the dogs’ dad explained, “This was the first time we saw Marshall showing her how to howl. Now, whenever the fire trucks leave the station, they stop where they are and howl together."

You can watch the sweet moment here in Reddit:


Whenever Marshall is not showing off his impressive howls, the big dog can be quite shy. Lohman said Marshall survived parvo during his puppyhood, and now he’s Lily Bell’s “polar bear” protector. “Marshall sleeps and patrols the yard and he loves big, long hugs. When Marshall is ready to play, you may get squished.”

Lily Bell is not only a big howler like her brother but is also a big cuddler. Whenever she is not occupied with her family she is out looking to play with her big brother. “Lily likes to clamp onto the other's fur and get dragged around. She also has a bad habit of eating Marshall’s fur.”

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