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If you’re heading to the United States and you’re dying to taste some of the local food out there, here’s a list that’ll get your mouth watering in no time.

Los Angeles is known for being all glitz and glamour. It’s the home of Hollywood after all. But even the locals here are known for taking it easy and grabbing a no-nonsense meal every now and again.

Birrieria San Marcos is the place to go if you’re in the mood for tacos. The meat is slow-cooked for up to seven hours and the tortilla is brushed with basting before it’s cooked. You even get a bowl of sauce to dip your tacos in.

If meat isn’t your thing, get down to Monty’s Good Burger where their plant-based burger has even the meat lovers queuing for more. It looks like a regular burger with ‘meat’, ‘cheese’, lettuce, tomatoes and a sauce, but it’s vegan friendly.  

Garlic will always be a bit controversial. The more you enjoy it the one day, the more people avoid you the following day. But, if you ever get the chance to visit C&O Trattoria in Venice, California, you’ll just have to be selfish for a change.

Imagine delicious warm and fluffy bread knots doused in a garlic and butter sauce. The restaurant makes about 10,000 garlic knots per day, which should give you an indication of just how famous they are.

Eddie’s Sweet Shop in Queens, New York has made a name for itself over the years. It’s classic Sundae consists of three scoops of ice cream, fudge or strawberry sauce, fresh whipped cream topped with a cherry and sprinkles.

If that doesn’t satisfy your sweet tooth, make sure you get to Las Vegas for the five dessert cake tower at the Sugar Factory.

And while you’re eating your way through the land of the free, don’t forget to do a bit of sightseeing as well.

Watch the Food Insider video below to see what these delicious foods look like.

Image credit: Eater LA

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