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Based in Italy, Carmagheddon an expert car modifier collective, set out to create the world's lowest handling car. The result is an ironic creation that tests what makes a car, well, a car. To develop this very low Low Rider, Cocchi Rudy's team Matteo Marzetti and Nicola Guadagnin cut the Fiat Panda in half. Then they turned the top end into a fun yet impressive car that can drive like any other car on the road.

To bring this project to life, the designers installed a kart-sized frame in the Fiat Panda. Tiny wheels large enough to keep the metal off the road were placed under the hood of the car - or the rest of it. 

So how does one cope with this extremely  low-rider? Carmagheddon added a steering wheel that looks more like a  game controller. The person driving the vehicle must crawl to board and remain on their knees or  side throughout the journey. Looking through the windshield is not an option, as during test drives the conductor looks down the road through his phone mounted on the floor of the car.

The modified Fiat Panda was tested on both gravel and concrete roads and showed that the designers made smooth, albeit slow, progress in both cases. As ingenious as the result is, the small car inevitably looks like a vehicle buried in the asphalt or a car frame at large.

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