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Adorable Chihuahua named Ricky Ray, loves his family more than anything and will do everything to protect them. That means even by being very protective of his family, and being near them at all times. Despite being super tiny in size, he can be a feisty dog. Sweet Ricky Ray definitely don’t mind what size the enemy is, he absolutely thinks he’s way bigger. 

Layla Tucker, a member of Ricky Ray’s  family, said “He’s very loving and cuddly with family, but very timid with strangers as are most other Chihuahuas. He’s very protective of our mom and will charge any dog that gets close to her, especially when they’re in bed. He has, like, three teeth total, so he doesn’t do much damage. He also weighs, like, 4 pounds, but thinks he’s a Great Dane.”

Tucker’s family and some of their friends went on a little vacation together to celebrate some family birthdays. And off course little Ricky Ray and another family’s Chihuahua went along to join the celebration.

However, since they were in a new home and neighbourhood and seeing that Ricky Ray and the other Chihuahua named Petrie were tiny, their families were afraid that they might loose track of the two. With their small size the tiny dogs could easy escape between the large gaps in the iron gates. Their family quickly had to find a way to ensure that they can see the two dogs at all times. After some quick thinking the group came up with the best solution.

The group tied one balloon filled with helium around each pup so that the family can see them wherever they are and run to. And the plan totally worked.

Whenever someone needed to find one of the dogs, they just had to look for the floating green balloons and exactly know where the pups are. “It’s great for parties, dogs that wander, older people or even kids to keep people from stepping on them. Ricky Ray is usually right by Mom’s feet, so it helps her from stepping on him as well. Sometimes he does wander if we are in a different place, so it also helps keeping track of him.”

The balloons clearly didn’t bother the little Chihuahuas, as they barely seemed to notice their new accessories and just continued about their days like nothing had changed. “They didn’t seem to mind the balloons at all. They don’t move very fast or very far.”

But despite the plan helping to prevent the dogs from escaping and getting lost, it also helped keep Ricky Ray and Petrie from accidentally getting stepped in and was even a alarm system for when they were starting to wander too far.  

Watch the too pups with their new alert system accessory, here on TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@laylatuckermusic/video/6981524481210682630?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc

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