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Too all the would-be criminals, thinking that they would success, I would better think twice because there is a new drug-detection dog in town, and he is taking his job very serious. The detective might be a bit smaller in size than your usual police dogs, but that doesn’t mean he is not good at his job. 

While passing through an airport in Colombia, passenger Agata Fornasa spotted a group of law enforcement officers accompanied by a very special member of the team. The group of law enforcement officers were in the company of a teeny-tiny contraband-sniffing Chihuahua who was very much on the job as the new drug-detection dog. He even had the vest on to prove it.

“Standing next to them was a little dog who began to sniff all the suitcases,” said Fornasa, adding “The girls from the duty-free shop told me that his name was Chiqui and that he worked as a drug dog. I thought it was beautiful, so I filmed it.”

Watch the video of Chiqui at work posted on TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@agatafornasa/video/7066838392348232965

Yes it is clear that little Chiqui gets a little distracted at times, sniffing things that aren't baggage, but he is trying the best he can and as cute as possible.

We don’t know if Chiqui caught any drug traffickers that day or any other day since he was appointed, but it’s clear that he caught a fair share of adoring glances from the passengers. And sometimes that’s all that counts

"Everyone who saw him smiled. He was very focused on his work. So handsome."

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