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Saying goodbye to something that you grew fond of is never easy, and never what we want. However sometimes it’s just the right thing to do as it is for the greater good. But for now that is now how the adorable pup named LeLo, sees it that way with some things to which he’d grown quite (literally) attached.

LeLo was recently taken to ClíniCão, a veterinary clinic in Brazil for a very specific procedure. But unfortunately he had no idea why he was there, and to what he was going to wake up too. Though that soon became very clear to the very upset pup. 

LeLo had been brought in to be sterilised. This is a routine surgery where the reproduction organs are removes to prevent any further puppy pregnancies. This procedure is beneficial to both individual dogs and to dog populations in general which is currently sky rocketing all over the world, leaving more and more pets homeless and unloved. 

This apparently all came as an unpleasant surprise to the adorable LeLo. But the pup made sure to get back to the people who did this to him. After he woke up from anesthesia, he discovered his missing parts.

To take revenge for his beloved part, LeLo escaped from his kennel and trashed the place while no one was looking. But in order to actual chew his way around, he first had to bite throw his plastic cone around his neck, which prevents him from licking his wounds. 

LeLo’s vet, Jéssica Possari, explained, “I think he was upset about the whole situation. Seeing the mess he made was startling. It was just amazing that a dog had done all that.” But despite having to clean up the huge mess he caused, Possari still doesn't hold it against him. 

Fortunately Lelo came to accept the facts, and has since come to terms with his newly neutered status. “He is doing very well, free to run around again,” Possari said and added that they will keep a closer eye on him when he comes to visit again. “His personality is very calm and affectionate in front of us, but he can be pretty mischievous behind our backs.”

Watch the video of LeLo's destruction results here: https://www.thedodo.com/daily-dodo/dog-trashes-vet-clinic-after-waking-up-to-find-hes-been-neutered?jwsource=cl

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