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Filmmaker Vugar Efendi recently revealed in his passionate project called, Film Meets Art II, that the silver screen cleverly took inspiration from beautiful art work.  

The film fanatic is famous for writing, directing, producing, and editing short videos. His impressive portfolio presents a wide range of creations varying from documentaries to experimental compilations. Earlier this year, Vugar released his project called Film Meets Art, which is a fascinating piece which explores the relationship between art and the cinema world. 

The three-minute short film combines two of Vugar’s passions which is off course art and film. Film Meets Art features excerpts from well-known movies such as Django

Unchained and Psycho which includes famous work from renowned painters like Leonardo da Vinci and Sandro Botticelli. With the success the project received and with Vugar’s claim that “there are plenty of movies more to include” he thought it best to create a second instalment titled, Film Meets Art II.

Like Vugar’s first instalment, the Film Meets Art II also features side-by-side comparisons of well-known movie scenes and the iconic paintings which inspired them. 

Some of the juxtaposed works might be obvious, for example when you look at the sentimental scene from Steven Spielberg’s Empire of the Sun and the nearly identical Norman Rockwell painting which served as the scenes inspiration.

There are other scenes which are less clear, for example The Exorcist’s subtle reinterpretation of René Magritte's L'Empire des lumières, and Metropolis’ understated homage to Brugel.

Each captivating comparison, whether crystal clear or more surprising, spotlights Vugar’s astute and artistic eye. As Vugar said and believes, “all art forms feed off from each other, and film is no different.”

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