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We all know the familiar sounds such as the iconic howl of a wolf ringing out through the silent wilderness. But its not easy to get that bone-chilling call right the first time, and it evidently takes some practice. That is what this particular little wolf pup still needs to do. 

Adorable footage was captured of this sweet wolf on one of the cameras placed by researchers from the Voyageurs Wolf Project which is a group that aims to study the behaviour of wolves in northern Minnesota.

The footage captured the cute baby wolf approaching the camera and letting out a few tiny howls to make his presence known. Voyageurs Wolf Project wrote, ”Listen to some of this wolf pup’s first howls from only a few weeks ago! A little warning: The pup is pretty loud for only being 4-weeks old!"

In the footage the pup appears to be alone, however other wolves - probably the little guy’s family, can be heard calling out nearby. 

From these humble and confident howl beginnings, the pup is sure to learn any time soon as he grows up, and will one day set out a howl echoing through his wild home as it has for countless generations before him.

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