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Have you ever been or a cornfield or seen a cornfield? As years went on, cornfields have seem to have adapt too much more intricate designs. Some of the places who have upgraded the interesting designs of cornfield is Precision Mazes, Maze Play and Richardson Adventure Farm. 

Cheddar News took a look at the popular sight-seeing attraction of cornfield mazes and spoke with the designers Rob Stouffer of Precision Mazes, Shawn Stoleworthy of Maze Play, and George Richardson of Richardson Adventure Farm to learn more about the eye catching designs.

“Behind the ubiquitous fall attraction is an industry grown around technology. Companies design mazes for clients and tour the United States machine-planting corn or whittling away at pre-planted fields.”

As it turns out, commercial-grade GPS is a key in the making of these designed. Machines equipped with enhanced versions of the technology help plant the corn in the shape of the design in either of two ways. “Today there are two primary methods of creating a coordinates. One is to drive a tractor-like machine through a cornfield to carve out a path. The other is to plant corn in the maze formation then take a rototiller in to tidy it up later. Both involve machinery propelled by commercial grade GPS.”

No matter the technology, this tradition of using farmland as an artistic palette has been around since the 19th century and is still continuing strong. 

“The tech has changed over the years but what hasn’t is the multi-generational appeal of getting lost or finding one’s way…”

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