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A little piece of advice from the man who broke the world record for the longest tenure at the same company (for the second time!): Find a good employer, work in a field that motivates you, and focus on the present. Walter Orsmann speaks from his experience because that's exactly what he did. He worked for the same textile company, ReneauxView, for 84 years (and still will). In fact, the record he's trying to break is his own, as confirmed by Guinness World Records in January - Ousman has been there for his 80 years and was certified in 2019.

Haussmann was born on April 19, 1922 in Brusque, a small Brazilian town with a large German population. From an early age, he began working out of necessity to help his financially struggling family. In fact, at the age of 15, he was hired as a shipping assistant in January 1938,  when the company was still called Industrias Renault S.A. was known. "In 1938, children were expected to work to  support their families," he says. "When I was 14, the eldest of five, his mother took me to look for a job." He was hired because of his knowledge of German. Aussmann worked hard and showed great skill and willingness to learn from the beginning.

He was then promoted to a sales position, which he  found very rewarding. "I traveled to São Paulo, and in less than a week, I was filling production with three months' worth of orders." In the 1950s, he began traveling throughout Brazil on business and became obsessed with traveling and building good relationships with customers who would later become his friends. Eventually he was  promoted to Sales Manager, a  position  he still holds today. He is also in charge of coordinating  the national team. Throughout his 84-year career, he has been paid in nine different currencies and has learned from his experience and the need to adapt to all kinds of changes within the company and  in the world.

Orsman is  a firm believer in the importance of routine. He plays sports every morning and commutes to his office. In fact, he thinks routine is one of the best and most important aspects of his job. "It gives me a sense of purpose, commitment and routine," he says. These factors, and a job he really enjoys, make the time fly by. "When you're doing what you love, time doesn't go by." Consistent routines and fulfilling work are good for Ousman - on April 19, he celebrated his 100th birthday with his family, friends and colleagues. His mental clarity and memory are as sharp as ever.

Looking back, he considers the record to be his "proudest achievement", but "never thought of breaking it". Instead, he continues to focus on the present moment as usual. "I don't plan much and worry too much about tomorrow," he says. "All I care about is that tomorrow is another day to get up, get up, exercise, and go to work. We have to face the present, not the past or the future. The here and now matter. Let's get to work!"

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