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With Halloween being celebrated this month, the festive celebrators took their creativity and scary decorating ideas to a next level. From giant spider houses, to massive skeletons emerging from the home the creativity and uniqueness seems to be growing more and more each Halloween season. 

However something very spooky is going on in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It's no secret that creativity shined through this year when it comes to scary  halloween decoration. One Halloween decoration in particular was so realistic that it even brought police to a drain on Northview Street after a concerned resident reported something truly alarming.

According to a press release posted on the police Facebook page, the concerned resident reported what appeared to be a toddler stuck in a drain. “All the caller could see was the legs sticking out of the drain and believed the head was down in the drain.” However upon arrival police realised that the reported incident is not what IT seemed and that the halloween prank is in fact the work of a clever fan of Pennywise the Clown — villain of the Stephen King novel “It.”

“Once officers arrived, they discovered it was nothing more than a spooky prank using a doll. Upon further inspection, the officer located Pennywise hiding in the drain.” Thankfully, ”no children were harmed in the creation of this set up.”The Police did however seem to take the prank in stride and even hilariously addressed the prankster, urging the person to try a little harder in his next prank by adding “To the prankster who set this up, you forgot the red balloon. #DoBetter.”

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