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In several movies there is always the one friendliest and most caring doorman. Trying to do his best for the tenant each day. Just like the kind doorman displayed in the touching animation “Open-Hearted Doorman”.

This heartfelt story was based on a New York Times article written by author Julie Margaret Hogben. The article told the sweet tale of the love between a kindhearted doorman named Guzim and the young woman. For years Guzim has looked after the young woman and has supported her through various of times in her life.  

The kind doorman cared for the young woman and stood by her side through every bad date she experienced and an unexpected pregnancy with love and dignity. The touching story shares a deeper message of kindness and care the doorman continued to show, despite the hardship he endured before he came to the United States from Albania.

“He was kind and well mannered, a gray-haired cross between Cary Grant and George Clooney. Born in Albania in the mid-1940s, he hailed from an educated military family; his father had been an army general. When Guzim was 19, the communist leader Enver Hoxha’s secret police arrested and interned his family, accusing them of treason. …At 39, he was finally released, and the United States granted his family asylum. He found a job as a white-glove doorman in New York. Whenever I asked him how he was, on any day, at any hour, he always said, ‘No complaints.’”

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