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It is no secret to all people around the world that life has some very frustrating challenges. Unfortunately, in our current times, the world has been facing several drastic problems, such as murders, fires, floods, and economic crisis. Not even to mention the frightening Covid pandemic which has shook this world is various different ways. 

It is not always easy hearing about the complication in the world on a daily basis, especially when you are one of the people who has to carry out the message to the rest of the world. And clearly, those in the position of carrying out the bad news on a daily basis is feeling the burden. 

Australian satirist Mark Humphries has recently delivered a honest news report from his site. Humphries stated while on air, that everything is awful. The sketch, written by Humphries and fellow satirist Evan Williams, detailed the worldwide crises we are currently facing including subjects of economy, pandemic, Ukraine, floods and other natural disasters, honeybees, and of course, monkeypox which has recently begun to terrorise our world. 

"Between the pandemic, the floods and crises abroad, it can sometimes feel like a relentless stream of bad news. In response satirist Mark Humphries and his co-writer Evan Williams have created a somewhat more frank news bulletin reflecting these challenging times.”

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