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Davide Biale, also known by his online name as Davie504, is a very talented bassist. Biale who mastered the talent of strings, is constantly looking for a new and exciting way to play his instrument. 

Biale recently showcased his remarkable skill online by surprising his audience with a magnificent solo performance on an enormous 69-string bass. This bass was definitely an upsize in instruments that Biale even made a joke that after the solo he’d use it as a door.

“Finally a new door for my house.”

In one of Biale’s previous videos, he stated that if his video of playing a 36-string bass got 690K likes, he would upsize the instrument and play a 69-string version. “I am going to play a 36 strings bass in this video…If this video gets 690 thousand likes I will play a 69 Lemar strings bass."

Looking at the magnificent 69-string bass he nailed, his previous 15-string and 24-string he played looks like child’s play.

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