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Design engineer and biotechnologist Julien Melchiorri, who made a name for himself with the development of the first biosynthetic leaves, recently created a creative lighting design that is both beautiful and eco-friendly. His Exhale "living" chandelier  purifies the air while illuminating the space, and during his London Design Festival he was exhibited at the V&A Museum.

The glowing green work consists of 70 pieces of his glass  filled with green algae that absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. A clear liquid filters the light, giving it a warm glow. Green design is often based on clean lines and ultra-modern styles, but Melchiori's chandelier is a sophisticated lighting piece that proves that the eco-friendly concept has a myriad of styles. 

In order to configure the leaves in different shapes according to your needs, the elegant chandelier was designed to be modular. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, depending on where air purification is most needed. Melchiorri is committed to producing eco-friendly artificial household products based on the simple principle of photosynthesis. 
 In recognition of that effort, Melchiorri won her Emerging Talent Award during her design week in London, given  to people who have made an impact within five years of graduating. And while the Exhale chandelier is still a prototype, the young designer hopes to extend the technology to larger buildings in the future to help combat harmful exhaust fumes.

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