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The staff of Baptist Medical Centres labor and delivery ward plays a big role in the birth of adorable babies everyday. They have almost seen everything until one recent set of deliveries which was unlike anything they worked with before. One special day a random duck found its way to the Florida facility’s central courtyard. 

At first it was hard to figure out how this beautiful duck came to end up there but apparently the only access from outside is through the courtyard’s uncovered opening. This means that the unlikely visitor had to fly in from above. 

Many wondered why the duck chose to fly into the Maternity ward, but it soon became clear to everyone as exactly why it chose that spot. The duck soon began to make her nest and laid her eggs. It appeared to be a mamma duck looking for a friendly and save zone for her babies. 

While hospital staff looked on adoringly at the sweet scene, the proud mother duck soon welcomed 10 precious ducklings into the world.

But the newborn babies had their first challenge at sight. Seeing that they were brought into this world enclosed within the building, the baby ducks' first challenge in life would be to navigate their way out into the world. But with the guidance of the proud mamma duck and the help of the hospital staff, the babies were able to make their way put safely. 

Watch the cute babies take their first step into the world: 


The duck, it seems, had chosen the perfect place to start her family. We’re still 'quacking' up over this sweet story and the 10 unexpected births we had that day!” Beaches OBGYN wrote in a post on facebook, “Congrats, Mama!”

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