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Adorable bunny named Pipkin, has the cutest morning routine which start by the way he wakes up. Pipkin’s owner started waking him up by gently surrounding him with some of his favourite food. He previously woke him by surrounding him with a ring of carrots and has since then started experimenting with a larger variety of fruits, veggies, herbs and other items which mostly gave the same results.

Even thought it is sort of a silly prank it is sure adorable and Pipkin clearly doesn’t seem to mind as he almost always wakes up to something yummy to eat. In the first video, he wakes up to delicious stalks of fresh dill.

The video captioned, “Pipkin rabbit, a free range rabbit sleeping. When the indoor rabbit sleeps, the rabbit dreams of eating. Pipkin rabbit eats, runs, and jumps in his dream, and his sleeping body does the same… Domestic rabbits love eating apples and dill. After the rabbit smells the dill he wakes right up and while the rabbit eats, he does rabbit honks and rabbit squeaks!”

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