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Foxes are known for their cuteness, fluffy coats and playful antics which are absolutely adorable. However, there is one more thing foxes can do which makes them more unique. They can laugh. Recently, the Minnesota-based fox rescue ‘Save A Fox’ shared a video of one adorable red foxes who can’t seem to stop giggling with delight while he was receiving some much deserved belly scratches.

At first, the high-pitched ‘giggle’ sounds similar to human noises, however it soon becomes very clear that it is the adorable fox named Finnegan making these sounds. Finnegan even shared a gleeful smile as Mikayla Raines, the founder of Save A Fox, scratches away.

For over 10 years Raines has been dedicating her time in helping and working with foxes.  She explained, “I discovered the world of domestic foxes upon taking in a tame pet fox several years ago. Domestic foxes are unlike wild foxes in that they are born in captivity to sell as pets, as well as being bred in ‘fur farms' for the sale of their pelts. Foxes born in captivity are unable to be released into the wild due to legal and ethical reasons.”

Raines founded ‘Save A Fox’ back in 2017 after coming to realise that there was an abundance of domestic foxes in need of safe homes. “Many of our foxes at Save A Fox come from fur farms, as pet surrenders, or seized from their owners as the result of an illegal situation and then brought to us.” Her love for animals and her dedication to provide shelter en help to all foxes has helped save about 150 foxes this far.

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