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An adorable baby Nubian goat from Pakistan has blown the internet with probably the longest ears of any goat stretching over 18 inches. The baby goat is still to grow twice as tall as it is now and who knows how long his ears will be at the end.

Other than his super long ears, the cute goat named Simba is just another kid on the block. Literally. Simba’s activities includes following his owner around, climbing on things, and getting really excited about milk.

Even though Simba might have the longest ears for a goat, the Guinness World Records has yet to weigh in and declare Simba a new record. In fact, Simba might be the first one to hold that record as it appears that they don’t have a current record holder for longest ears on a goat. There is surprisingly one for longest ears on a dog which measures over 13 inches, and a record for the goat breed with the shortest ears which only measures 1-2 inches. 

There’s also a bunch of other weird human ear-related accomplishments like longest ear hair and largest collection of ear trumpets.

Hopefully adorable Simba will one day hold his rightful title as the goat with the longest ears. 

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