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Muppets has always had a kind and caring connotation to children's movies, but have you ever seen a rock n rolling muppet who isn’t too shy to take on a heavy metal song.

A video of a group of muppets singing heavy metal music has been circling the internet. The hilarious parody video, by Paychostick of the classic Drowning Pool song “Bodies”,

shows a group of muppets singing a heaving metal song which has a hilarious twist. The song is actually about being able to only count to four.

The original song features a count to four within the lyrics, lending itself to both the parody and its secondary title.

“This parody song is actually called ‘Numbers’ like Drowning Pool’s ‘Bodies’ but no one calls it that. They just call it ‘I can only count to four’ by Psychostick.”

Watch the original one down below.

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