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The Tottori Prefectural Museum recently introduced its latest exhibition about the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex. To celebrate the opening, the museum found a very creative way to engage with the public and send a message about their exhibit.  Visitors were invited to celebrate the occasion dressed as the theme. Many visitors participated and happily contributed by wearing giant inflatable Tyrannosaurus costumes while roaming the exhibition halls.

The exhibition is called Tyrannosaurus Exhibition—T.Rex Amazing Carnivorous Dinosaurs, and is open until August 28, 2022, in Tottori City, Japan.

It’s rare that you’ll find museum attendees dressing in costume however, the Tottori Prefectural Museum definitely made their mark as the Tyrannosaurus inflatable will definitely be remembered.

The video footage, captured during the event, captured the somewhat hilarious moment where the creatures waddle up the short steps making their way to the  exhibition. This definitely made it more interesting to learn the historical facts of the furious T-rex.

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