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Musician Sam Edelston took his love for music and instruments and shared it with the world through the art of covers. He performs electric and acoustic covers of various popular rock and folk song.

Edelston has also showed his talent and passion for covering punk, classic rock or heavy metal songs. The musician is not limiting his music genre to cover, nor does he limit himself to just one dulcimer at a time.

Edelston, who wants to bring “dulcimers into the public’s awareness, with the many kinds of music that can sound great on them”, just wants to share the joy he finds from playing the dulcimer with the rest of the world. In a more recent video, Edelston has showed just how much he enjoyed making his badass cover of the iconic Ramones song “I Wanna Be Sedated” on a tabletop electric dulcimer.

On his YouTube channel, he writes: “Dulcimers are natural rock instruments. In fact, I even say that dulcimers are among the world’s coolest musical instruments, and they deserve to be known by the general public – the way that everybody knows guitars and ukuleles. Though usually associated with old folk songs and tunes, dulcimers are great for a shocking variety of modern music, too. I do these videos to inspire more people to play and listen to dulcimer music, in diverse, non-traditional styles.” 

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