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Being a scientist not only includes sitting in front of a computer or working in a lad, and sometimes includes hands on experiments. An unnamed ornithologist who specialises in bird behaviour found a unique way of studying subjects. For a year he wore a giant bird mask while visiting bird habitats...and he did it for science. 

 Toshitaka Suzuki, an associate professor at the University of Tokyo, reported on his colleague's unusual approach. This disguise may seem like an unusual idea, but there was an academic basis behind it. Certain birds, such as the great tit he observed, can remember human faces. Therefore, when it sees one of them approaching, it stops its normal call and issues a distress call to alert the rest of the herd. For those studying bird language, this was far from ideal. 

The anonymous ornithologist hasn't had a good relationship with a group of titmouses he's observed since he approached the nest to weigh the chicks. For a year he tried  to hide his identity under a spooky bird mask during  visits while trying to find a way out. Despite his best efforts, Musk was unable to trick the bird, letting out a warning call if the bird got too close. He tried again without disguise, hoping he might be acquitted, but the result was the same. 

Rather, this  left him with a very interesting story and a hysterical image of him trying to blend in with the forests of Nagano. As if his efforts aren't being praised enough, Toshitaka also shared a video of the researcher unsuccessfully trying to fit his glasses onto the mask's large beak. A mysterious ornithologist seems to have confirmation that birds don't forgive or forget.

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