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An American grandmother has shown off a McDonald's burger and fries that she has kept in a box in a cupboard for 24 years.

Yes, it's strange to keep a burger and fries in a cupboard for no apparent reason, but what's even stranger is that both the fries and the burger still look edible.

The video went viral after the woman's granddaughter shared it on TikTok. In five days it has been shared over 12,000 times on the social media platform.

The burger and fries were kept together in an original 1996 McDonald's brown paper bag in a box labelled "hamburger" in her cupboard.

In the video, Ally's grandmother gives a description of what the food looks like as she's opening the bag.

"The French fries look like they maybe could've fallen under your seat a month or so ago that never rotted or decayed. The hamburger itself… the bread has never moulded, the meat has never rotted, and it has never even broken. It's completely intact."

The fact that there isn't any tomato sauce or gherkins on the burger might have helped the burger to stay intact. All beef hamburgers made by McDonald's are served with tomato sauce and gherkins.

McDonald’s has made headlines over the years as people have unveiled their burgers that they have kept for years. Daily Mail reports that in January, a Utah man discovered a burger in his jacket pocket two years after he put it there and then forgot all about it.

Once discovered, he decided to keep it to see if it deteriorates at all. After 21 years, the bun has started to deteriorate.

Watch the Miza CreaTube video below to see what the 24-year-old McDonald's burger and fries look like.

Image credits: Daily Mail and Inkbot Designs

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