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Many records have been set with vehicles, such as the fastest driver, the most donuts and the fastest record for driving in reverse. In an interview with 60 Seconds Docs, spoke to Scot Burner, who set the Guinness World Record for the fastest mile driven in reverse. “Scot Burner holds the Guiness World Record for driving the fastest mile in reverse. He’s been perfecting his backwards technique since 2000 and has reversed at up to 56 miles per hour.”

Burner stated that he got into this unusual sport in 2000 when he decided to see how fast he could go in reverse. From there, he was hooked despite the naysayers. “The year 2000 I needed to back up about a half a mile. As I was driving backwards I just decided to floor the car and I thought it was funny and here we are. …When I’m telling people about this record they’re like why would you ever do that? That’s dumb. I like to do dumb things. It’s fun.”

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