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Date: 2018-09-19

If you don't know who I'm talking about, let me give you a little background, Kalen Allen has a YouTube channel where he basically reacts to food tutorials for everyone's entertainment.

Kallen Allen became so popular on YouTube for his hilarious reactions to the most bizarre food tutorials that Ellen Degenerous invited him onto her show one day to show how much she admired his brutally honest humour. In fact, Kalen recently signed a deal with The Ellen Show to do comedy skits called OMKalen

Before he met Ellen, he had literally became famous overnight. It all started when Kalen created his first video as a joke to share with friends, he shared on Ellen. Then the next day, he woke up to find six thousand people following him on Twitter. See, folks? It pays to be interesting and original!

Recently, Ellen asked him to go to Australia, but Quantas had a surprise up their sleeves... they made his dream of becoming a Qantas flight attendant come true – with hilarious results – on his first flight to the land Down Under.

In Melbourne, he meets Aussie locals, hops around with kangaroos, leaves his mark on Melbourne streets with spray paint, and takes his first helicopter flight to see the amazing coast. If you don't laugh at this, are you even human?

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