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Julius Dein is known as one of the most famous professional pranksters/magicians, with over six million followers on his Instagram account, and being his girlfriend puts you on the pranking list.

Julius Dein's girlfriend, Estelle, played the main character in one of his devious pranks when the couple were on holiday. Not knowing what Julius did, he swapped her bikini for one that dissolved when it came into contact with water.

When the poor unsuspecting Estelle decided to go for a swim, Julius was video-ready to catch his prank as it unfolds.

As she plays around in the shallow waves, Julius explained in the video to his fans that when his girlfriend gets into the water, the bikini is going to dissolve. "Oh my God, she's touching the water. Get in the water, Estelle, get in the water. There we go, there we go. Oh my gosh. Just touch the water. In you go."

"Now, according to the instruction manual, it should take 15-30 seconds for the chemicals to kick in to make the bikini dissolve... this is so bad but so good."

The shocked Estelle started to look round while she was clearly panicked, as she tried to spot whether her swimwear might have disappeared to.

"Julius, my bikini. I think I lost it," she shouted to Julius. And then, hilariously, she says, "It's stolen. I don't know where my bikini is. I can't find it anywhere. I need a towel." 

Julius then helpfully passed Estelle a towel after having his fun for the day.

Good luck to the upcoming pranks, Estelle.

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