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There has probably come a time in everyone’s life where you can’t wait to have a glass of wine, but forgot that you don’t have a bottle opener. Some have tried one of the smartest tricks in the book by pushing a screw or nail in the middle of the wine cork and removing the cord by pulling on the cork with plyers. 

And yes, it works, but what if you are that unlucky fool who doesn’t even have a screw or nail in sight and not even to mention the pair of plyers? No fear, as a determined man has figured out another easy way to open your bottle of wine. Mike Boyd is on a mission of teaching himself new things and new ways of doing things. One of the new tricks he mastered was how to use heated port tongs to open a bottle of port wine.

His first attempt didn’t start off as great, but after trying again, he succeeded. The second time was a charm, as the hot tongs cut through the glass like butter. In the video he commented, “This week I learned to open a bottle of port using heated port tongs.” 

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