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Adorable bulldog named Chandler is a super energetic dog. However, there is one very unique thing which gets her extra excited — a big, blue plastic pool filled with ice. When Chandler’s mom Michelle Guo, first decided to set up an ice pool for her bulldogs, she initially expected her dog Walter to be the most excited as she loves water and chewing on ice. But, to her surprise Chandler was the one who couldn’t contain her excitement and was the first to dive headfirst. Guo carefully pick the right day when it was sunny but not very hot for the pups to enjoy a nice ice bath.  And clearly it was the perfect temperature for Chandler. With tremendous enthusiasm and determination she jumped in and out of the ice pool.

Chandler’s fun-loving and happy spirit is essential to her personality. Chandler has not only filled her family’s life with joy, but has also been a huge blessing to her brother, Walter, who suffers from anxiety after being attacked as a puppy before he was rescued. Chandler was introduced to Walter as a support animal, and has helped her brother break out of his shell. Chanler has only provided his family with an endless supply of love and care. “When Chandler is with me, I always feel safe,” Guo toldShe likes to sleep on the bed like a human, with her head on a pillow.”

Clearly, Chandler is willing to give endless affection and expects nothing in return, only to enjoy an ice bath once in a while. 

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