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A group of four of École de Condé created a heart-felt and touching 3D animation called ‘Broken Token’. Ninon Ringenbach-Trifilieff, Rodolphe Savolle, Paul-Adrien Butty, and Alexis Lainé created the story of a lonely and broken junkyard robot who’s named BeepBoop, trying to make a friend from the scraps he is surrounded with.

We all know the feeling of being a bit down in the dumps, and sometimes that one special friend can get you out into the light again.

This heart-felt video was the first 3D film the group had ever made. The author of the premise, Ringenbach-Trifilieff said, “I wrote the story of Broken Token with the limitations of our time, means, and knowledge in mind. I also wanted to do something ambitious, challenging, and something that was exciting to do for all four of us, as it is our first 3D short film…”

The author also went on to explain how this touching masterpiece came to be completed. “This short film was mostly made in Blender and animated with Maya. The rig was also made in Maya. With the use of Alembic exports, we included this animation back in Blender to render them through Cycles. The modelling was made in Blender, and the texturing mostly in Substance Painter, even though the procedural textures came in handy when it came to the background objects.”

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