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Throughout the years we thought we have heard every possible cover of the famous AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell”.

However, recently the world was proven wrong after a German polka band took the hit song into a new genre. The German polka band called The Heimatdasich released their version on the song which features the 8 piece band jamming to “Highway To Hell” in a way you’ve never heard before.

The Heimatdasich, which translates to ‘Let there be brass’ is an 8-piece formation group including the band leader, arranger, drummer and musical boss Florian Rein. The band amazingly demonstrated how well current chart hits, rock classics and pop songs from the 80s and 90s work in the Oberkrainer sound.

At first the classic song sounds similar to what you remember. The band opens with the guitarist playing a heavy lead guitar intro before the group’s singer enters with the first verse. What makes this cover unique is that the band incorporated their classic polka sound. Yes, that’s correct. About 50 seconds in the song, the party really gets started and it only gets more interesting from there. 

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