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Adorable dog named Titan has some very unusual likings and hobbies. One which he loves more than anything is riding with his owners in their family’s golf cart.

However, the pup eventually thought it best to try a solo ride when his parents where not home. When Titan’s mom, Mallory Kmet, arrived home, she discovered that their golf cart had been taken on brief journey. At first they had no idea who the mysterious driver could have been. 

“We were away and then we came back, and I said to my husband, ‘Oh my god! Someone was in our yard and took our golf cart for a joyride and smashed it into my truck.’”

Fortunately for them, they had some security cameras in place. Reviewing the footage to see if they can identify anyone and see what had happened, they discovered that someone was indeed behind the wheel. Apparently Titan couldn’t wait any longer to enjoy his joyride on the golf cart, and took in into his own  paws. 

Fortunately, Titan wasn’t injured in the slow-speed collision however, the same couldn’t be said to the truck which unfortunately did have some minor damage.

However, even after his unattended joyride and collision, Titan is still not put off to the idea of cruising. 

“He still wants to go for golf cart rides, so you’ll still catch him sitting in the golf cart 'cause that’s one of his favourite things to do.”

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