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It funny to see how our primate cousins can resemble some of the actions of us humans. Whether it is a mother gorilla noticing a human baby and looking at him like she knows that feeling of love, or a orangutan cradling her baby, or even sharing a laugh. 

Some of this amazing and sometimes funny moments have been caught on video for the world to witness. Recently one TikTok user @minorcrimes found a resemblance between humans and our primate cousins in a most amusing way. The TikTok user Lola Testu accidentally dropped her sunglasses into the orangutan enclosure when she was visiting a zoo in Indonesia. Fortunately she was able to capture the whole mishap on video and witnessed something absolutely priceless.

An curious orangutan made its way over to investigate the newfound object that fell from above. Worried that the orangutan’s first instinct would be to try and eat the mysterious object Lola yelled “Oh no, don’t eat it! Oh no!” 

What came as a shock is when the plucky primate picked up the glasses and brought it straight to it’s face. Testu gasped in surprise as the great ape placed the broken sunglasses on its face rather than in its mouth.

The now-viral video on TikTok shows the funny orangutan trying on the sunglasses in a variety of different ways. One was by even trying them on upside down and even backwards. Curious as her mother, the mother orangutan had to slap away her tiny baby’s hands as it was also trying to grab the glasses for closer inspection. As Lola laughs at the unlikely scene, she added in the background “This is fantastic stuff. Oh my gosh. They’re working the sunglasses! This is gold!”

The video quickly went viral, amassing over 45 million views and 11 million likes in a matter of four days. 

Several viewers also shared that they were surprised at just how smart the orangutan was to know exactly how to put the sunglasses on.  

Other shared how primates share some similarities to humans, and in fact orangutans share 96.4% of our human genes. This video is proof of just how smart these animals are and just how much they actually resemble to humans. 

Click on the TikTok link to watch the amazing surprising video for yourself. 


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