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Live television can have its downsides, especially during the coronavirus lockdown. Here are the best news bloopers of 2020.

There is so much that can go wrong with live broadcasting and, when it's news, it can be even more chaotic. 2020 will go down as one of the most unusual years for live television as many presenters had to work from home.

Under the coronavirus lockdown rules, conversing from home via Zoom video calls was the norm for months. Now, for most of us, this wasn't too much of a problem because, at worst, you would be talking to a few colleagues. But, for news presenters, the pitfalls of the home environment with kids and pets were broadcast to the world.

These often included barking dogs or curious cats, but the gold lay with the innocent kids who just want to ask for a cookie or break things in the background. Fortunately, the circumstances of 2020 have seen the empathy of many shining through. Patience from all sides has turned what should be a catastrophe into something more lighthearted. And hilarious!

This compilation isn't just about the Covid-19 work-from-home palaver though. It's loaded with in-studio sexual innuendo slip-ups, on-field sporting fails, and reporters dealing with animals that they're scared of.

All-in-all, it has been a crazy year, and it's just great to have a laugh. So, thanks to the YouTube channel, News Be Funny, here are the best news bloopers of 2020, and they'll have you in stitches!

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