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Here is a video compilation of the worlds worst wedding photos ever! The results will shock you.

Planning your big day is stressful enough, there are so many things to organise, from catering to the weather and on through to the DJ, location and tons more! When the big day finally arrives, you will be so overwhelmed with many different emotions and all kinds of levels of stress, it might leave you in a bit of a mental state! The last thing on your mind is usually the type of photos the photographer and guests will be taking, all that you hope for is some lovely photos that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Quite truly, they will become the only visual reference to those wonderful memories that you can show your kids and grandkids one day.

But, it doesn't necessarily always go according to plan. Wedding photography, much like other forms of art and craft, is a creative process. Each wedding photographer has their own particular style but, with that said, there is a level of standards and quality that needs to be upheld. That, unfortunately, is simply not the case with some photographers who literally take the most shocking and revolting compositions and edits we have ever seen!

Not only that, but the likelihood of both guests and the wedding party acting the fool at some point will be caught on camera. It can be a recipe for disaster.

Take a look at the video below by Youtube channel, Funny Club, on 48 worst wedding photos ever!

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