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Human beings love movies, but we sometimes forget how difficult they are to make. Here are movie scenes that were nearly impossible to shoot.

Technology has improved dramatically since the first silent movies made their debut. Nowadays, CGI can create vast worlds of fantastical fauna and flora, or bring a fast-paced car scene too life without damaging any actual vehicles. It's truly a magical time for cinema, but it wasn't always like this.

There are plenty of legendary movie scenes that were nearly impossible to make. Like one scene with Jackie Chan that bloke a Gunness World Record for most takes of one sequence. How many was it? A whopping 2,900 takes of a shuttlecock scene in Dragon Lord (also known as Dragon Strike).

Often, scenes with plenty of extras can take hours to film. Like scenes in the club in Eminem's 8 Mile. Where tons of extras had to wear heavy coats, beanies, gloves and scarves to replicate the cold of a Detroit winter. The reality is, though, that the filming took place during a Hollywood summer, on a set with extremely hot lighting.

Other scenes were simply dangerous and, back in the 1920s, actor Buster Keaton did his own stunts. In one scene, he's riding on the front of a steam train, smacking giant wooden sleepers out of the way, so the train doesn't derail. In another scene, Buster and the directors had to use mathematical equations to get the action just right. They had to place Buster in the exact spot, so that when the side of a double-story house fell over, he would fit, unharmed, flawlessly through the upstairs window. Many of these scenes were, literally, death-defying.

Whether it be action scenes or fantasy, technology has made making movies easier and far more realistic. They're also safer, which makes watching the video by Screen Rant below, make you appreciate the history of film making. This is titled Movie Scenes That Were Impossible To Shoot, and it's well worth the watch.

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