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Yes, that headline might be tough to understand, but this is the world's first darts loop the loop bullseye. Come, I'll show you...

Boys love to find new ways to put themselves in danger by trying out new things. Darts are always a winner; the level of risk is usually just enough to make everyone nervous but not enough to be life-threatening. Well, usually...

Now, the guys on YouTube's channel, How Ridiculous, love their darts. So much so, in fact, that they have devised numerous bullseye challenges in the past. This time, it's a little different.

By using some flexible plastic and some thick piping, they set about creating a 6-foot high loop the loop out in a field. All they have to do is throw a dart into the track, around the loop, and into the bullseye on a dartboard on the other end.

Easy, right? Well, perhaps not as it turns out. To see if they get it right, hit the play button below like your mouse pointer was a dart and the icon a bullseye. See... easy!

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