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Adorable pup and new mother Emi recently had seven puppies and immediately became connected to each other. However, Emi’s family lives in a very remote community with no access to regular vet care and when they found out she was pregnant they had to reach out for help. 

But luckily they found a very caring home when they were taken in by foster mom Dee Marie. The sweet pups were placed in their foster home by the non-profit Northern Critters In Need.

Since day one Marie could see that Emi has a very special bond with her pups. From the very first day, the puppies slept together in one big pile, with their mother always nearby making sure they are safe. “She's been such a doting mother. and is always just feet away ready to check on them,” said Marie. 

She added, “Where we live in northwestern Ontario, there are a lot of very remote communities — many fly-in only. It can be difficult if not impossible to access even basic vet care and pet supplies.”

The sweet pups were only a delite. Taking care of them until they are old enough to be adopted, Marie became to learn each sweet pup’s own unique personality. “The pups are a very charismatic bunch and has always led the puppy pack. He is incredibly vocal and confident, and all the others would sit behind him waiting for orders every morning.”

When the pups aren’t following their brother, they’re usually busy sleeping together in one big pile in their dog crate. Marie’s initial thought when it comes to the pups sleeping arrangements were that the pups will probably look for their own space to sleep as they grow bigger, but turns out it wasn’t what she expected.“We like to get the pups used to being in a crate young so they associate it with being a calm place of rest. And this litter understood the assignment and began sleeping in puppy piles right away.”

Once the cute puppies began to grow a bit bigger, Marie added another crate so that they would have more space to spread out. However, the puppies simply ignored the extra space and continued to pile up and squeezed themselves into the original one.“Despite having the extra room, they'd just keep cramming themselves into the one crate. Who can blame them, though? It's the ultimate snuggle puddle!”

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