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We have been seeing more and more videos of people pulling pranks on strangers in public. Some of them are hilarious and the prank victims seem not to mind as much as they also share a laugh or two. However, we can’t say that it always goes according to plan for the prankster. Recently a TikTok prankster found himself in a sticky situation after he tried to pull a prank on the wrong person. 

TikToker Jay (@jaykindafunny8) has over 23.2m followers with posts reaching millions of views. He is known for his pranking content where he posts videos of him doing his pranks on people. And we can almost say that he has he has done it all, from ruining someone's dinner to crashing into people's shopping trolleys and even throwing pillows in shop aisles leaving his targets either laughing in response or walking away confused and some even gets angry.

When Jay headed to the hardware store in search for his next prank victim, he clearly underestimated who he was pulling his latest prank on. It all began when the trickster used what looked like a PVC pipe and a long megaphone which he has used before to shout his catchphrase “muñañyo." However, this time he didn’t get to the end of his prank because before he knew it, they guy reacted and threw him to the ground.

This time it was Jay who was caught off guard. As the man pinned him down on the floor, Jay could be heard screaming "it's just a joke”. The video quickly went viral and received 5.9m views on Twitter with various of mixed reaction in regards to how the guy responded to Jay's prank, and the prank itself.

Many people commented that Jay got what he deserved and that the guy's reaction serves as a warning. Many pointed out the this new trend of pranking needs to stop as some people could suffer from PTSD and other illnesses.  

Others felt that guy's reaction was over the top and unnecessary

Some people even felt that the entire scenario was scripted.

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