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The Bachelorette and The Bachelor have definitely seen some cringe-worthy moments, do you recall the group roasting session in season 11 where most of the guys made fun of Ashley's small chest and focused on her being the third choice to the previous years The Bachelor? What about when one of the guys there for The Bachelorette in 2003 said the single mom's daughter was 'baggage'. Well you can catch up on all the most cringe-worthy moments in a video montage below.

Some more cringe-worthy moments too good not to mention:

Nick Viall from season 21 became responsible for one of the most cringe-worthy moments in history when he asked Andi Dorfman during the “After the Final Rose” episode why she would make love with him if she wasn’t in love with him. In the Bachelor world, there’s an unwritten rule about the fantasy suite – what happens in there, stays in there – and Nick obviously was aware of this. Despite being completely humiliated, Andi handled herself well, calling the question “below the belt” and something that should have been kept “private.”

In season 9 of The Bachelor, bachelorette Kim Jackson made quite the drunken blunder of her own. While Prince Lorenzo was busy cozying up with one of the women on the group date, the other ladies took to consuming copious amounts of free-flowing alcohol. After too much to drink, Kim participated in an embarrassing mumbled interview and passed out on a beach chair. When Lorenzo woke her up, she made the mortifying mistake of thinking he was one of the waiters. Obviously, she didn’t earn herself a rose and was sent packing after the mishap!

On season 8 of The Bachelor, contestant Allie Garcia-Serra made no secret about why she had taken to the reality series in an attempt to find love. She told the ironically named Dr. Travis Stork, “Quite frankly my eggs are rotting” and that she was “ready for the reproductive stage in my life.” Yikes! That’s obviously sent the eligible bachelor running for the hills. When Ali didn’t receive a rose, she baffled audiences and angrily declared, “He’s just like every other stupid doctor.”

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