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During the ongoing Russian invasion, many Ukrainians are currently fleeing their country to seek shelter. However not Serhii Oliinyk, owner of Cat Cafe Lviv who chose to stay at the cafe to take care of those in need.

The Cat Cafe Lviv has been open in Lviv, Ukraine, for over six years.  Since its opening the cafe has come to mean a lot to everyone who’s involved with it. And now with the invasion and all of the uncertainty, the Cat Cafe Lviv has made the decision to stay open. 

The cafe will provide a safe space and be open for everyone who wants to say hi to the cats. This might just be something that the people of Ukraine may need during this time of distress. Oliinyk explained, “There are three large rooms in our cafe, two of which are located in the basement, so in case of an air raid warning, there is a safe shelter for our guests and cats.”

“I have a small team of several close people who have been working with me for several years and have become my closest friends.The cats have also gotten used to these people, who help to take care of them and who play with them when there are few guests, because our fluffy residents love people's attention.”

The cafe is currently the home to 20 cats who all love to greet visitors. They enjoy spending time with new friendly face and provide a sense of comfort to those in need.  The cafe has served as a safe space for all Lviv residents to scale down and relax while playing with the adorable cats who is always happy to see you. 

“Our cats have been living in [the] cat cafe since the age of 4 months. They are like family. We realised that we would never leave our country, that this was the only place where we could see ourselves in the future.”

During this hard times that has hit the country, the cat cafe is providing the people with a source of positivity and hope. “We currently have fewer regular visitors, but there are people who have come from other cities and need hot food and positive emotions.”Oliinyk’s family, which he considers to be the beloved cats and the Cat Cafe Lviv, will always stay together, no matter what.

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