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They say duct tape fixes everything right? Well, now there's something that's even more powerful than duct tape, it's called Flex Tape but it's not the tape itself that made the product go viral, rather the cheesy infomercial adverts did.

We aren't talking the typical Verimark ads on TV, these ads are literally ridiculous and, just when you thought it couldn't be any more ridiculous, they take it one step further!

It starts off pretty normally, where the infomercial man shows the audience how this amazing tape can be used in any condition and even to plug holes in a pool. BUT WAIT, now it plugs a hole in a boat too. BUT WAIT, what if you saw a boat in half and fix it with Flex Tape?... and then put it in shark infested waters!

Broken self-esteem? Patchy marriage? some Flex Tape will hold it all together! Some even say Flex Tape could have kept the Roman Empire together.

This is hilarious!

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