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Yoga pants are comfortable, which is why we see so many women wearing them all day despite the fact they may or may not be doing yoga at 7 pm that evening. Flexibility, warmth and the slimming effect makes them the perfect functional everyday pair of pants. I mean, men and women everywhere would be happy if yoga pants were declared acceptable to wear everywhere, while designer activewear companies would be rolling in their piles of cash (more than they do now) if this happened.

The yoga craze has led to stores selling overpriced activewear and Lululemon is one of the major culprits as people are all too happy to spend $800 on a pair of their pants. People are so out of control with their Lululemon addiction the saying has turned into: "When life gives you lemons, pray that they're Lulu"!

What has happened to the world, have women gone mad (even more so than usual) that they feel an undying urge to buy a sports bra called the "Ta-ta Tamer"?

Apparently people will buy anything branded with the Lululemon name so... Jimmy Kimmel took it one step further. See the hilarious video below to see what we mean.

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