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The world has officially gone to sh*t. We are not entirely sure what is going on or what cool-aide these people are drinking but they have officially lost their minds.

Let's start with the Australian man who went jogging around his neighbourhood and took down his pants, mid-jog, and had a good ol poo on a few of his neighbours' driveways. Like seriously... you cannot make this up! He eventually got caught because he didn't have a dog to blame it on (amateur). Andrew Douglas Macintosh, 64, from Brisbane, Australia has been given a violation fine for being a "public nuisance" resulting in a $378 fine. Mackintosh was reportedly working as a quality manager for a retirement village property and investment group, Aveo, which he has resigned from after being caught. The company released a statement saying: "Aveo Group is distressed and disappointed at the alleged incidents concerning Mr Macintosh," explaining it was unaware of the charges until Wednesday."Aveo will continue to extend its support to Mr Macintosh for help that he may require."

Now, onto the pensioner who decided to store his own poo for two months and then shove it through the mailbox of a former friend, splattering it all over the walls, doors and carpets. Now, we are all good with those petty Instagram posts that indirectly target someone but the line ends with excrement. Geoffrey Holroyd-Doveton, 75, had been planning his revenge for months to get back at his former friend, Donald Wicks. The vendetta began over two-and-a-half years ago when Mr Holroyd-Doveton got divorced from his wife. 

The man travelled through the night just to post his... delivery to Mr Wicks and his husband Richard, who were away on holiday on New Year's Day this year. He even went so far as to create a home-made pump to shoot all of it through the mail slot, blasting poo all the way up the hallway, stairs and onto the walls. Holroyd-Doveton told police he thought Mr Wicks had contributed to the break up of his marriage and “ruined my life”.

Holroyd-Doveton didn't even flinch when he admitted to being guilty of causing £4,000 worth of criminal damage at a property. He received an eight week suspended sentence, with 80 hours of unpaid work for using a “home-made pump” to spray excrement into the home of Mr Wicks in Braintree, Essex.

He also got an indefinite restraining order not to contact or go within one mile of the Wicks' home and has to pay £500 to each of them in compensation.

Let's not even get into the fact that woman threw her poo at a coffee shop employee after they didn't let her use the bathroom. Check her out in action below!


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