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I'm pretty sure learning how to take a girl's bra off is a HUGE milestone for boys entering adulthood. Boys, don't deny it... We know you all have bras hidden under your bed that your practice on.

But it's WAY harder with the real thing. To be fair, taking off a bra is definitely not an easy job. When girls start wearing bras, even we struggle to take them off – I mean it's behind you, you can't even see it, and your arms have to somehow bend in a weird way to do it. So we congratulate boys on their effort – really, well done!

Because there's nothing worse than getting into a heated moment with a girl, and then stamping on the sparkle by taking an hour to take off the bra – mostly because you're too stubborn to let the girl do it for you!

Well, in this video, we have Ben. Even though his sexual orientation leans more towards being gay, he still feels like it's important to learn how to take a bra off women. He's never tried before, this is his first time!

Watch his progress!

Warning: there's some graphic content in here folks. 

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