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During a trip to a thrift store in New York City, TikTok user @thethriftymama came across an item which she thought to be pretty rare and unique. Placed in the top one of the store’s display shelves, was what appeared to be a vintage fur hat. Surprisingly for the TikToker, the vintage hat which seemed to date back to somewhere in the 1950s, was in a very good condition. 

But that was not the only surprise the ‘hat’ had in store for the thrifter. It turns out, that ‘hat’ wasn’t a clothing piece and was actually a cat taking a nap on the shelf. @thethriftymama got a good scare the moment she reached up to try it on. "I swear my heart jumped into my throat.” 

The cute orange cat works at the thrift shop, and makes it easier for people to spot the products available for sale by sleeping next to it. Over the years the adorable cat made a good impression on customers simply by being himself.

Watch the moment @thethriftymama, spotted the ‘vintage hat’ here: https://www.tiktok.com/@thethriftymama/video/7073117152802278698

Several people made a point to single the furry cate out in their reviews left online. "If you’re lucky you’ll be graced by their affectionate almost dog-like cat," one reviewer wrote. 

"Good prices. Huge selection. Cute cat," another added.

This little tabby is definitely the star of the show in the thrift shop world. @thethriftymama did not get to try on the vintage fur hat she had her sight set on, but thanks to the cute encounter with the store's cutest employee, she did not leave disappointed.

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